Devil's Life
An experiment with time and space.The Earth is run by evil and only four people can save the world: the four avengers of the apocalypse. They will attempt to demonstrate what reality is really like. It's impossible to comprehend the notion of time and space unless we accept that time no longer exist. At the same moment, same instant and same location, an infinite amount of events interlace each others. This is reality and this reality so described can only be understood by replaying the same instant backwards and forward only to discover what lies hidden. We live in a world of complete insanity and horror without understanding why. We live our lives all at the same time, where ever we are in the world, in space and in the far end of the universe. It is all intertwined. It all moves at the speed of light but to make sense of it all, we need to slow it down and replay.
Starring Alex Hall, Nick Peterson, Vincent X. Hall
Director Nick Peterson