Ian Cognito: A Life and a Death on Stage
A documentary about one of the most popular, controversial and troubled comedians in the UK. We learn about the scene in the 1980s, the rise of alternative comedy and some of the unique acts that existed. There is a cavalcade of stories, jokes, songs and behaviour that would often excite or repel an audience and would lead to him being the most banned comedian in the UK. The fights and fallouts are retold and we even find out his real name. We hear about the famous fight with Ricky Grover at The Edinburgh Festival which ended his run of shows, even before they began! Insight is gained about his alcoholism, the decline in his health and the host of his final gig tells us what happened the night he died and how his outlandish nature may have been the reason why, when he was dying onstage, people thought it was actually part of his act. We discuss why he never became famous until he died and renowned comedians talk about his legacy. It’s not an understatement to say he was an icon of the industry. Many comics would agree, including him!
Starring Ian Cognito, Shappi Khorsandi, Jo Brand
Director Joe Bor, Danny Ward