The warning signs are all around us: From extreme weather events and melting ice caps to endangered species and societies, it’s clear that climate change is a threat we can’t afford to ignore. But there’s good news. We still have time to ensure a better future if we all take responsibility for what happens next. In this collection, you’ll find brilliant environmental leaders, inspirational ideas for new ways of living, astounding depictions of Earth’s fragile beauty, and practical ways you can be part of the solution—not just for Earth Day, but every day.

The Year Earth Changed: An Apple Original

Around the world, nature found its rhythm when we came to a stop.

Understanding Climate Change

Learn about our biggest threat, from root causes to ramifications.

The Fragility of Humanity

Endangered Animals

Guest Curator: Jennifer Baichwal

The acclaimed director shares a few eye-opening recommendations.

Hope for the Future

Watch & Learn as a Family