Эспозито, Сальваторе

Эспозито, Сальваторе

Italian actor Salvatore Esposito cut an imposing figure as the scion of a organized crime family in the critically praised television series "Gomorrah" (Sky Italia, 2014-). Born in Naples, Italy, Esposito developed an interest in acting at an early age, but studied linguistics and then international business management in school. Harboring little faith in a business career, he served as a cook at a McDonald's restaurant, but found the experience dissatisfying. At the age of 24, Esposito decided to finally pursue his long-dormant goal of becoming an actor, and studied at both the School of Cinema in Naples and with teacher Beatrice Bracco in Rome. Roles in short films preceded his first screen appearance in the crime drama series "The Camorra Clan" (Channel 5, 2013). The following year provided Esposito with his breakout roles in "Gomorrah" as Gennaro "Genny" Savastano, the reluctant heir apparent to a Neapolitan crime family who must find a way to lead the powerful organization through numerous power struggles. The international success of the series led to character roles for Esposito in several films, including the offbeat science fiction drama "They Call Me Jeeg" (2015) and the coming-of-age/hip-hop film "Zeta" (2016).