Hot Air
'Hot Air' is a timely, slick, hilarious and heartfelt comedy-drama from Frank Coraci, director of 'The Wedding Singer' and 'The Waterboy', starring Steve Coogan ('Stan & Ollie' , 'I'm Alan Partridge'), Taylor Russell ('Lost in Space') and Neve Campbell ('Scream', 'Skyscraper'). Lionel Macomb (Steve Coogan: 'Stan & Ollie' , 'I'm Alan Partridge') has been the reigning king of conservative talk radio, delighting his fans and enraging his opponents with his angry charisma and caustic wit. He has his perfect world turned upside down when his 16-year-old niece, Tess (Taylor Russell: 'Lost in Space'), shows up seeking help with a family crisis. In Tess, Lionel has finally met his match: a smart, determined, brazenly honest sparring partner who forces Lionel to confront the complicated family he left behind. As this unexpected bond develops, Lionel must decide whether to rethink the power of his words and legacy. Will he open himself up to a new responsibility and connection?
Starring Steve Coogan, Neve Campbell, Taylor Russell
Director Frank Coraci