Puppy Swap: Love Unleashed
Jessica (Sarah Fletcher) and Mel (Rib Hillis), a young couple living in the country, celebrate their first anniversary by surprising each other with five-week-old puppies, who happen to be twin sisters from the same litter. Mel has another surprise for Jessica on their anniversary — he proposes marriage and Jessica happily accepts. Three months later, Jessica is offered a great job in LA, but Mel refuses to sell the family farm and move to the city. They cannot overcome their differences and must go their separate ways, splitting apart the puppy sisters in the process. Four years later, Jessica returns to Montana, with her dog, on a publicity tour for her successful new perfume. A set of circumstances reunites the two dogs, who then conspire to bring Jessica and Mel back together, so they can be a happy family once again.
Starring Sara E. Fletcher, Rib Hillis, Corin Nemec
Director Mike Gut