Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan is a TV and film actor also known for his voice roles on animated children's series and feature films. Gilvezan began his voiceover career in 1981 as the title character (and of course, his other identity as socially maladroit high school student Peter Parker) on the cartoon series "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends." Though that series lasted only two years on NBC's Saturday morning schedule, Gilvezan became a mainstay in the field, earning voice parts on such 1980s pop culture touchstones as "The Transformers" (where he played the Autobot Bumblebee), "G.I. Joe" (as cocky fighter pilot Slip Stream), and the lead role of the brash Jack Russell terrier Cooler on "Pound Puppies." More recently, he has expanded his voiceover work into include roles in several video games, and throughout his career as a voiceover actor, Gilvezan has maintained a steady career playing bit parts on popular television series.