Stars and Strife
An inspiring film about a divided America gorging on hate. A remarkable cast—from the head of Black Lives Matter-NY to Secretaries of State and Defense—takes an expedition into how to halt today’s epidemic of contempt and save America’s soul. A film of resilience, reform, empathy and hope coming in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and George Floyd riots, the cast confronts what it means to be an American at a time when things we thought could never happen are happening. Executive Producer: Academy Award winner BARRY LEVINSON. The cast includes Leon Panetta, James Baker, Rahm Emanuel, Alan Greenspan, Alice Rivlin, Larry Summers, David Ignatius, Hawk Newsome (Black Lives Matter-NY), Amy Chua, Liza Gold (psychiatrist), Niall Ferguson, Derek Black (former white nationalist), Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein (synagogue shooting survivor) and Ken Langone (co-founder-Home Depot).
I rollerna Leon Panetta, James Baker, Rahm Emanuel
Regissör David Smick