We Are All in This Together
Just like a lot of other Americans, Daniel Troia had been feeling all the tension in the country. Determined to find out if we are as divided as it seems, he decides to set off on a cross-country bicycle journey with no food, no money, and the hope of gaining a better understanding of the human connection. Equipped with hidden camera glasses and a cardboard sign that says, “Ran out of food. Anything helps”, Daniel listens to stories from the people who help him and learns that those who have faced the most adversity in their lives, often have the most to give. Over the course of 7 months, Daniel encounters many different experiences like trying to outrun a tornado in Kansas, running out of water in the desert, nearly avoiding hypothermia in Montana, and crossing the Sierras, Rockies, and Appalachian Mountain ranges. After riding across 19 states and meeting a diverse group of people, Daniel’s perspective on the country changes, and he realizes that there is much more that brings us together than separates us.
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