Hélène Fillières

Hélène Fillières

Helene Fillieres was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Fillieres's career in acting began with her roles in various films like the romance "L' Amoureuse" (1992) with Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Grande Petite" (1994) with Judith Godrèche and the Richard Berry dramatic comedy "Adultery (A User's Guide)" (1995). She also appeared in "Encore" (1996), "Peut-etre" (1998) and the crime feature "Les Kidnappeurs" (1998) with Elodie Bouchez. She continued to act in productions like "Reines d'un jour" (2001), "Ouch!" (2001) and "Nearest To Heaven" (2002). She also appeared in "Friday Night" (2003) with Valerie Lemercier. Film continued to be her passion as she played roles in the Marina Hands dramatic adaptation "Lady Chatterley" (2007), "Coupable" (2008) and the Laurent Capelluto foreign "La Grande vie" (2009). She also appeared in the comedy adaptation "Pièce montée" (2010) with Clémence Poésy and the crime drama "Coming Home" (2012) with Agathe Bonitzer. Most recently, Fillieres directed "Une Histoire D'Amour" (2013) with Benoît Poelvoorde.