Keith Knight

A native of Sault Sainte Marie, Canada, character actor Keith Knight was just as known for his voice and stage work as for his appearances on camera. Acting in several local theater productions in the late 1970s before striking out in films and television, Knight's big break came when he was cast as camp counselor Larry "Fink" Finkelstein in Ivan Reitman's 1979 comedy, "Meatballs." Switching gears to horror, Knight followed up his "Meatballs" success with the 1981 slasher film "My Bloody Valentine," and also in 1981 acted alongside Howie Mandel and Sterling Hayden in the comedy "Gas." Parts in the features "Class of 1984" and "Self Defense" followed, and in 1987, the actor first tried his hand at voice work in the animated "The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland." From there, he went on to voice dozens of cartoon characters in series such as "Babar" and "The Busy World of Richard Scarry," while also acting onscreen in hundreds of television commercials and making guest appearances in series like "Avonlea" in 1992, "Robocop" in 1994, and "Queer as Folk" in 2002. After winning acclaim for his dramatic turn in 2005's "Looking for Angelina," Knight was directed by his "My Bloody Valentine" co-star Neil Affleck when he played the voice of Frank in the children's series "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends." Knight died of cancer in his Toronto home in 2007.