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Birju, a spoilt brat from an upper middle class home, indulges in petty thievery and lies. He romances and proposes marriage to a beautiful young girl Neha. His parents, thinking that it will set him on the right path, approve of his choice. However, when Neha finds out the truth about Birju, she refuses to marry him, and leaves town. Birju is unable to get Neha out of his mind and he runs away from home to find her. He locates Neha and finds out that her mother is seriously ill and is in need of a surgery, which would cost a great deal of money. Birju steals the money. But by the time he reaches the hospital, to his dismay, the operation is over, the bill is paid and Neha is to marry the doctor who performed the operation.
Starring Bobby Deol, Neha, Moushumi Chatterjee
Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra