From the very beginning of Rammstein’s career, there has been a unique bond between those onstage and those cheering them on. As with all successful relationships, it’s been founded on a combination of mutual respect, fulfilled expectations and the ability to provide that special gift at the right time – which is where ‘Völkerball’ comes in. ‘Völkerball’ is an exacting visual approach to the staged concert form that followers of the Rammstein cause have come to demand. The package includes 140 minutes of exclusive live onstage footage and celebrates the ‘Reise, Reise’ World Tour, where the six band members played to one million people across 21 countries between 2004 and 2005. There’s an entire concert from Nimes in Southern France, filmed in a Roman amphitheatre in front of 12,500 fans who, frankly, couldn’t have been more pumped up had they been saluting a favoured gladiator; add to this selected footage from London, Tokyo and Moscow. ‘Völkerball’ is the perfect fan concert; it shows the six musicians as they push previous achievements to a whole new level of global success.
Starring Rammstein, Hamish Hamilton, Emanuel Fialik