Carolina Crescentini

Carolina Crescentini

Carolina Crescentini is a stunning blonde-haired and blue-eyed Italian actress best known for her roles in the 2008 romance "Parlami d'amore," the stereotypical television sitcom "Boris," and the light comedy "Notte prima degli esami - Oggi." She graduated from the Massimiliano Massimo Institute with a Humanities degree before moving on to study acting at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. In 2007's "Notte prima degli esami - Oggi ," Crescentini debuted on the big screen in the third-billed role of love interest Azzurra. She reprised the role of the obligatory love interest in Silvio Muccino's experimental romance "Parlami d'amore" and while the film didn't necessarily charm Italian critics, it was a massive box-office success. Crescentini caught the attention of TV audiences when she joined the showbiz comedy "Boris" as Corinna, the resident diva with a tendency to demand alterations to the script. In 2010, she was cast in a much more intimate and demanding project: Aureliano Amadei's directorial debut, "20 Cigarettes." Her performance earned the coveted Nastro d'Argento (Silver Ribbon) Award for Best Supporting Actress, helping to establish Crescentini as more than just a pretty face. In addition to acting, she landed a spot on the cover of Italy's "Playboy" in 2010.