Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen

After starting out as wacky maintenance man Eddie Malvin on the 1983-84 season of NBC's "Punky Brewster," Eddie Deezen gravitated gradually towards the equally lucrative field of TV voiceover work. His resume is full of kiddie favorites, from voicing Ned on a quartet of "Kim Possible" episodes to contributing to various "Scooby Doo" adventures. The ongoing TV and DVD iterations of Shaggy and Scooby's crime-solving adventures are a veritable cottage industry. For Deezen, this has translated into work as Caliph and several stints in the guise of Gibby Norton. One of Deezen's other stranger credits is as the Guy Boarded Up in the Wall, a recurring character on a short-lived 1997-98 attempt by CBS-TV to carry over the humor of parody artist Weird Al Yankovic to something called "The Weird Al Show." Another of Deezen's major voice-over roles has been the part of Mandark on "Dexter's Laboratory," further consolidating his status as someone kids don't know by name, but love.