Tim Bagley

Tim Bagley

Although his acting career is only about 20 years old, Tim Bagley has appeared in over 85 productions on both film and television. After college at Cal State Fullerton, he held a variety of odd jobs in and around the entertainment industry: a Paramount Studio page, butler at the Playboy Mansion, a Mitzi Gaynor dancer, and a phone service operator for pimps. He studied acting with respected teachers Nina Foch and Howard Fine and started his work in comedy with the legendary improv stage group the Groundlings in 1990, where he both wrote and performed. He won two LA Weekly Awards for his solo performances there. He left the group in 1995 to pursue a career in TV and film and has been working steadily ever since. He spent the remainder of the 1990s in small roles on a variety of hit shows like the sitcoms "Seinfeld," "Hope and Glory" , and "Suddenly Susan." He was given a starring role on the two-season run of Julie Brown's comedy series "Strip Mall." This led to more recurring work on TV as one half of a gay couple on the sitcom hit "Will & Grace" and a fellow sufferer of OCD with Tony Shalhoub on five seasons of the procedural comedy "Monk." His feature film work has included the Jim Carrey comedy"The Mask," the sci-fi disaster flick "The Day After Tomorrow," and the indie comedy"Happy, Texas." In 2011, Bagley landed a recurring role on the William Shatner sitcom "$#*! My Dad Says."


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