Amy Forsyth

Amy Forsyth

Canadian actress Amy Forsyth played young women facing exceptional odds - a religious cult, supernatural forces, economic insecurity - in a string of high-profile television series, including "The Path" (Hulu, 2015-) and "Rise" (NBC, 2018-). Born in Ontario, Canada, she was introduced to performing through ballet, which led to stage roles in musical theater and other productions. Forsyth decided to make acting her profession in her teenaged years and began appearing in short films before making her feature film debut in the Canadian thriller "Torment" (2013). Appearances in guest roles on television series like "Reign" (The CW, 2013-17) and "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (CTV, 2001-05) preceded a recurring role on the science fiction series "Defiance" (Syfy, 2013-15), but she would wait another three years until earning her breakout project with "The Path." The drama, which starred Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan, concerned a family entrenched in a cult-like religion; Forsyth played Ashley, whose romance with the family's son (Kyle Allen) threatens his standing within the group. While appearing on "The Path," Forsyth was also top-billed on the second season of "Channel Zero" (Syfy, 2016-), an anthology series based on the popular horror-themed fan fiction known as "creepypasta." Forsyth starred in the series' second story arc, "No-End House," about a quartet of friends who discover diabolical, other-dimensional forces living in a supposed haunted house. When that season ran its course, Forsyth transitioned to NBC for "Rise" (2018-), a drama with Josh Radnor as a high school teacher who inspires the students at a working class high school to channel their energies into high school stage productions.