Marcel Leboeuf

Marcel Leboeuf was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Leboeuf's career beginnings included film roles in the Gabriel Arcand dramatic adaptation "The Crime of Ovide Plouffe" (1984), the Luc Matte adventurous drama "Visage Pale" (1985) and the Mahee Paiement comedic fantasy "Bach and Broccoli" (1986). Leboeuf made film his next project, appearing in "Les Tisserands du pouvoir 2" (1988) with Gratien Gelinas, "Rafales" (1990) and the comedy "Louis XIX - King of the Airwaves" (1994) with Martin Drainville. He also appeared in "Tendre guerre" (1995). Later in his career, Leboeuf acted in the Martin Drainville comedy "Angelo, Fredo et Romeo" (1996).