On a thundering night, in one of the posh bunglows of Mumbai, a rich business man is overheard talking to a black-mailer on a parallel line by his son Vicky. Against his fathers wishes, Vicky reaches the hotel room to meet the black-mailer and gets caught in a web of murder which makes him a murderer in the eyes of law. Now Vicky has just one way out and that is to run away from the hands of law, which he does and reaches Veergarh. Where he not only meets a brother like friend but also true love. But, destiny once again takes a turn and Vicky finds himself caught in the same web of murder. The murderer keeps murdering innocent people and frames Vicky for all the murders. Finally destiny again takes a twist, but this time in Vicky's favour and the “Shikaari” (hunter) becomes the “Shikaar” (hunted).
Starring Abhishek Kapoor, Ayesha Jhulka, Vikas Bhalla
Director Bobby Raj