Deccal 2
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Prophecy continues to happen with all the horrors … A 6.6.2016 born baby is the prophecy that will drag the whole world to disasters and evilness. In the first movie, giving birth makes freaks Duygu out resulting suicide. However, baby is protected by the Evil sect and baby should be breast-fed from mother’s own flesh and blood at the night of Venus eclipse to seek of continuing of the prophecy. So that, Duygu’s sister was kept until the eclipse of the Venus. Turkish and European secret organizations are looking for the baby in order to prevent this rite. The baby has been adopted by a couple who have no children but is also under the supervision of evil cults. The curse on the baby will be nightmare on the couple who adopted the baby.
Starring Murat Prosçiler, Burak Sarımola, Volkan Cal
Director Özgür Bakar