Doru Macera Ormanı
Alaca falls into the hands of an animal circus camping in the woods. The circus owner Kinyas wants to earn a lot of money with him. Doru and other herd members must save Alaca from this circus as soon as possible. But that is not so easy. Doru and Karatay convince Kinyas that they want to work in the circus. The next day, our heroes and Alaca manage to escape from the circus, but in the carriage from which they escaped, a surprise awaits them - the baby monkey Şöbi. Despite all the dangers in the forest, Doru, Karatay, Yaman and Muhtar are determined to bring the little monkey back to his mother. But little do they know that the greatest danger, Kinyas, is after them.
Starring Gazanfer Ündüz, EminYaraç, DilekGürel
Director DilekGürel