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'Rüzgar' is a story of becoming a family.  Rüzgar (10), a member of a purse snatching gang, meets Ece (35), an assistant manager of a diaper manifacturing company, after a long chain of coincidences and their journey on becoming a family evolves.As the relationship of Ece and Alper moves in the direction of marriage, they can’t find themselves tying the knot because Ece resists Alper’s desire to have a child. But Rüzgar changes everything when he becomes a part of their lives. They bring down a street gang, take control of their lives and manage to become a big family. Rüzgar is an upbeat story which promises a journey to love, life, family and lets us question deeper meanings of life with its dramatic moments.
Starring Belçim Bilgin, Halil Sezai Paracıkoğlu, Ata Berk Mutlu
Director Serkan Açar