A Secret Affair
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A Secret Affair revolves on the lives of happy couple Rafi Delgado and Anton. On the eve of her wedding with her partner to be Anton, fashion stylist Rafi backs out and seeks solitude in the U.S unknowingly to others the true reasons why she left. Anton is left into the seduction of Sam Montinola, a free spirited young woman who had a one night encounter with Anton moments previously before Anton and Rafi became a couple. Just as Sam thinks Anton and Sams relationship gets truly serious, Rafi returns and just as Anton and Rafi are ready to give there love a fresh start. Sam cannot totally give up. But when Rafi truly finds out the truth behind this secret affair how far will Rafi fight for the man she lost once? And how will Anton make things right?
主演 Anne Curtis、Derek Ramsay、Andi Eigenmann