Dil Se
In this story of the clash between love and ideology, the focus is on Amarkant Varma, a deceased army officer's son. As a program executive for All India Radio, he travels all over India to interview citizens to mark the 50th anniversary of Indian independence. On one of his trips, he meets and falls for an intriguing and mysterious woman, whom he finds out is named Meghna, and who seems to enjoy leading him on. He follows her all the way to Ladakh, and after only two days together, she leaves him to join a group of insurgents on a mission. Heartbroken, Amar agrees to marry Preeti, a woman of his mother's choice. Meanwhile, Meghna is chosen to lead a suicide mission on the Republic Day Parade, and when she runs into Amar again where the mission is to take place, their destinies intertwine.
Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Mita Vasisht
Director Mani Ratnam