Arthur Malet

Arthur Malet was born in England, but raised in Wales. As a young man, Malet immigrated to the United States, where he took to the stage and went onto win two Drama Desk Awards by 1957. By this time he had made appearances on television in two vastly different roles. On "Playwrights '56" he played a preacher, while on "Camera Three" he played the devil. Throughout the '60s, Malet sprang up on a number of popular television shows including: the family series "Shirley Temple Theatre," the anthology series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and the family comedy "The Donna Reed Show." While he'd managed his way into several films, the first of note came in 1964, when Malet played Mr. Dawes Junior in the Disney classic "Mary Poppins." This is one of the many instances where Malet played a character much older than himself. He built a reputation as an excellent and beloved character actor, and went on to accrue over 120 roles in television and film by the time he retired in the late '90s. Despite the numerous films and television shows and the wide variety therein, Malet is most recognizable to children as his most popular appearances are from the family films "Mary Poppins," "The Secret of NIMH," where he voiced the crotchety mouse, Mr. Ages, and "Hook," where he played the aged lost boy Tootles.