Isaac Florentine

Isaac Florentine

After earning a degree in filmmaking from Tel Aviv University in his native country of Israel, Isaac Florentine began directing the movies he wanted to make. In the early '90s he directed a series of Israeli action movies, like the short "Farewell, Terminator," "Desert Kickboxer," and the action video "Savate," before moving to television in the middle of the decade. Florentine soon began directing several versions of the "Power Rangers"action series. Between 1996 and 2001 he directed dozens of episodes of the original show "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," as well as its spinoffs, "Power Rangers Zeo," "Power Rangers in Space," and "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue." By the mid-2000s Florentine returned his attention to movies, once again directing low-budget action films like 2001's "U.S. Seals II "and 2003's "Special Forces," before garnering his first mainstream hit in the United States with 2006's "Undisputed II: Last Man Standing." In the years that followed Florentine continued directing action movies for American audiences. In 2008 he directed the international action superstar, Jean-Claude Van Damme, in the thriller, "The Shepherd: Border Patrol" and followed that up with 2009's "Ninja." Florentine returned to the "Undisputed " movie franchise in 2010 when he directed "Undisputed III: Redemption," a film which won the Best Director award at the ActionFest Film Festival.