Still Standing
As the homeland of the Indus-Valley Civilisation, the Sindh region of Pakistan is one of the cradles of human civilisation. It was also the only region of Pakistan left undivided by the Partition of 1947. That same year, the Sindhi Diaspora emerged: Sindhi Hindus fled Pakistan for India and other countries, while Muslims from all over India fled into Pakistan, with large numbers reaching Sindh. Suddenly, the Sindhi community found itself to be a minority. Still Standing searches for the footprints of those who left, as well as digging into the stories of those who remained. A tale of nationalism, radicalisation, and division in a land which, once upon a time, was home to florid cultures and peaceful coexistence.
Starring Suhaee Abro, Jagdeesh Ahuja
Director Mirko Pincelli