Bad Moon

S1, E2: Bad Moon

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S1 E2: Week two of the dry season, and the fights are only getting fiercer. Mick is on the hunt for an aggressive 15-footer who is driving younger crocs out of the area, and he has been hired to take the surly beast off the waters. Chopper pilot Mick Burbidge is opening up an aerial front in the battle for the outback. Mick's been hired to use his chopper to drive 50 head of cattle back to market. There's just one obstacle: a river guarded by a hungry 15-foot crocodile. Native hunter Paul Henwood's on a mission for his tribe. His village has being threatened by a croc turf war. And when two animals fight over the same land, men get caught in the crossfire. Nigel's out for revenge on a 14-footer that knocked him overboard last week. But he'll be racing the coastal, which will empty the river out by midnight. Nigel will have just three hours to bring in his croc, or risk getting bottomed out and stranded.