Episode 2

S1, E2: Episode 2

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Kagaya (Yu Shirota), offended by Kanoko (Aoi Morikawa) earlier, takes her to a hotel room. "Oh god, is this the moment I lose my virginity...?!" Contrary to what she's thinking, Kagaya tells her he wants to have a meeting. Kanoko tells him she wants to read another one of his love stories but Kagaya stubbornly refuses. Kanoko opens up to Kagaya telling him how in her 26 years of life, she's never been in love. After opening up to him, Kanoko feels dejected saying, "I'm sure my story has no bearing on you..." But Kagaya looks at her sweetly, takes her hand and asks "what kind of love are you looking for?" With Kagaya guiding the way, glimpses of Kanoko's "feminine side" start to emerge. What will happen to their relationship now that they've connected on another level?