Episode 1

S1, E1: Episode 1

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Kanoko Tsukishiro (Aoi Morikawa) is a 26-year-old publishing company employee who has never experienced love. She is raring to go when she's selected to work with the wildly popular mystery writer Saku Kagaya (Yu Shirota) but she ends up offending Kagaya, prompting him to give her his final notice saying "I will no longer write for your company." With her back to the wall, Kanoko must attend the literary award ceremony which Kagaya is nominated for. While Kanoko can't seem to get closer to Kagaya, she sees Mitsuki Ariake (Rika Izumi), the beautiful editor from their rival company, hanging right by his side throughout the event. Will Kagaya ever accept Kanoko as his editor? And what will happen to Kanoko's feelings for Kagaya?