S10, E22: Drive

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In the season finale, Good Samaritan Kovac helps a stranded female motorist and her young son who then get struck and gravely injured by a car--forcing the doctor to use all of his skills to keep them alive until specialists can operate on them at the hospital. Abby waits for her medical board results and treats a curmudgeon, Richard Gould (Bill Macy - "Maude"), who feels forgotten by the hundreds of students he taught. Meanwhile, pensive Neela leaves for the University of Michigan to begin her internship; Chen's co-workers worry about her bruised face; Pratt treats a young heart patient, Elgin Gibbs (James Earl), but remains disdainful toward his gang-member patient, Antwan Coles (Sam Sarpong - "Love Don't Cost a Thing"); Weaver hopes to gain custody of her son; and Sam takes action when it appears that Steve (recurring guest star Cole Hauser) isn't leaving, and she worries about his negative influence on their impressionable son.
Starring Bill Macy, Parminder Nagra, James Earl