Endora Moves In for a Spell

S3, E6: Endora Moves In for a Spell

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Uncle Arthur pops out of a painting in the Stephens home. Samantha tells him she is trying to stop Endora from encouraging Tabitha to use her witchcraft. Uncle Arthur's remark that Endora is an "old crone" brings his sister into the action in a fighting mood. A violent argument erupts and Endora, vowing never to return, leaves. Time passes and Darrin complains about the influence Uncle Arthur is having on Tabitha. When he tells Samantha he?d rather have Endora, his mother-in-law, appears. Pointing to a vacant lot, Endora produces a house and announces she is moving in. Uncle Arthur gestures and the house disappears.
Starring George Tobias, Sandra Gould, Paul Lynde