Episode 1

S1, E1: Episode 1

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Chai Village is hosting Home Coming of Tin Hau ceremony. Villagers have forgotten to arrange a crane for transporting the Tin Hau statue. Village chief Chai Yik-tseung asks Chai Chin-bo to tell his foster father Chai Man-kei to help out by bringing a lorry. Village representative Chai Man-shui gets into trouble as he has pinched offerings. He falsely claims Man-kei is the wrongdoer and even mentions some sin committed by Man-kei all those years ago. Visitor Chai Shu-kai wants to defend Man-kei as he has recorded footage of Man-shui’s inappropriate act. But Man-kei intervenes. Shu-kai is in fact Yik-tseung’s grandson. He goes to Man-kei’s antique shop for a temporary stay and eventually tells Man-kei his identity. He has come to Hong Kong to investigate why his father Chai Man-shek had left the village many years ago. He fails to find anything. Before returning to Australia, Shu-kai ends up in hospital as he carelessly gets hurt. Man-shek and his wife Pang Lo-nah learn of the news and go to Hong Kong. Ma and Man-kei meet again.