Episode 2

S1, E2: Episode 2

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S1 E2: LIN-HEUNG tries to check out WAN PAN's condition at the hospital. When she leaves, she meets DAN-DAN. Later, FUNG-NEI arrives as well. The three of them discuss that they have borrowed money from the loan shark through WAN PAN. DAN-DAN's husband TONG HON-SZE is promoted to manager but his salary remains the same and DAN-DAN complains about it. FUNG-NEI's mother-in-law Mommy CHU scolds her for there are lots of cartons in the house. LIN-HEUNG's ex-husband informs her that he is not able to pay the alimony on time. Her son TAI-CHIT is not respecting her as well. CHING-LUNG announces that the "Apple Tree Op" will be carried out. When FA PING and TAI-SHU walk on the street, the residents stare at them curiously. TAI-SHU complains that FA PING is making herself too noticeable. DAN-DAN discovers that FA PING's suitcase is the same as hers and she chats with FA PING. They meet the housing estate's "Four Beauties" MUI, LAN, KUK and ZUK. DAN-DAN swaps her suitcase with FA PING accidentally and she carelessly damages FA PING's clothes...