Episode 2

S1, E2: Episode 2

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Man-shek sees Man-kei again but does not recognize him. Man-shek and Man-kei’s younger cousin sister Bin Wai-ching is an administrator of a renowned school. A moody pupil by the name of Ching Tai-sui is punished by Dean of Discipline as he has been bunking off school. Tai-sui becomes aggressive as he feels insulted. Dean of Discipline falsely accuses Tai-sui of stabbing her as she forces Tai-sui to leave the school. Wai-ching covertly reveals the truth to Tai-sui’s father. Man-shui has blocked access to the school as he wants to sell the village school site. Yik-tseung’s granddaughter Yeung Chung is Wai-ching’s assistant teacher. The teachers are taking the pupils to visit a farm. During the proceedings, Wai-ching has to look for some missing pupil. Man-kei unexpectedly runs into Wai-ching again. Wai-ching accidentally gets a sprain. Fortunately, Man-kei offers to help. Wai-ching then recognizes Man-kei. She surprisingly curses and h