Episode 3

S1, E3: Episode 3

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S1 E3: FA PING takes back her suitcase and she discovers that everything inside is very messy. She questions DAN-DAN if she has left a little pillow and they end up in discord. TAI-SHU and FA PING discover that LIN-HEUNG is burning offerings outside and they realize that they are living in a haunted house. TAI-SHU complains to CHING-LUNG for assigning a plumber job to him and CHING-LUNG tries to hide away with excuse. FA PING goes to the restaurant for breakfast and she is being isolated. FUNG-NEI takes the initiative to talk to FA PING and she explains everything to her. TAI-SHU tries to get information from Auntie MUI while fixing the pipes. He learns from her telephone conversation that she will be borrowing money with the other Beauties on the next day. FA PING shows TAI-SHU a video she took secretly. She comments that DAN-DAN and LIN-HEUNG are suspicious but TAI-SHU thinks that the evidence is not strong enough. TAI-SHU follows the Four Beauties and he discovers that he has misunderstood them. The Four Beauties urge him to sing Karaoke together. CHING-LUNG assigns KO MAN and KA-LUN to monitor them. FA PING and TAI-SHU are dissatisfied but CHING-LUNG scolds them.