Episode 3

S1, E3: Episode 3

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Village school principal Luk Yuet passes out and is taken to hospital. Yik-tseung has come to see her. He runs into Shu-kai, who is looking for Man-kei. Shu-kai deliberately arranges for Yik-tseung and Man-shek to run into each other. Yik-tseung recalls some incident from way back. Wai-ching in fact got drunk and then had intimate relationship with someone, who was probably Man-kei or Man-shek. Yik-tseung eventually expelled Man-kei from the village as Man-kei admitted he had committed the sin. Wai-ching also left the village with her mother Chai Lai-bing because she was embarrassed by this scandal. Yik-tseung found out Man-shek offered Man-kei and Wai-ching wine, which was the cause of their inappropriate behavior. Man-shek bitterly left as Yik-tseung told him their father and son relationship had come to an end. Wai-ching and Yeung Chung have come to see Luk Yuet one after another. Wai-ching tells Luk Yuet she has tendered her resignation to the school. Luk Yuet asks Wai-ching to take up the position of village school principal.