Episode 4

S1, E4: Episode 4

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Yeung Chung reckons Wai-ching has a calculating character. She tells Luk Yuet the real reason why Wai-ching is resigning. But Luk Yuet is unmoved. Yik-tseung angrily reveals Man-shek has returned to Hong Kong. His wife Choi Yu-yuk and Yu-yuk’s mother-in-law Cheung Kit-choi promptly go to the hospital to see Man-shek and his son. But they carelessly fall down and get hurt. Uncle Chai Yik-yu slyly makes Yik-tseung go away so as to let Man-shek return to the village. Man-shek reminisces about those days when he and Man-kei both fancied Wai-ching. Wai-ching had a crush on Man-shek. But Man-shek avoided Wai-ching for the sake of Man-kei. On a Mid-Autumn Festival evening, Man-shek and Wai-ching finally revealed their affectionate feelings for each other. The couple then started drinking wine with Man-kei. Wai-ching got tipsy. Man-kei also eventually got drunk, and … Man-shek and his family members, including Yu-yuk and Kit-choi, finally reunite. Meanwhile, Yik-tseung suddenly retu