Episode 5

S1, E5: Episode 5

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Yik-tseung just wants Man-shek to go away. But youngest daughter Chai Ga comes up with an idea to somehow accommodate Man-shek and his family. Yik-tseung resorts to temporarily staying at Yik-yu’s place. Wai-ching goes to see Luk Yuet, who happens to have learned the village school’s basement is flooded. Wai-ching promises to handle this matter for her. Wai-ching returns to Chai Village and finds out Tai-sui, who has been transferred to the village school, is being harassed by Man-shui, who accuses him of playing around with some sculpture on the altar. Wai-ching pretends be an old pupil to get Tai-sui out of this difficult situation. She then declares she is to become the new school principal. Meanwhile, Man-shek shows up at the ancestral hall and catches sight of everything. Lo-nah listens to Man-kei’s advice. She wants to stay behind and become a village school teacher. Shu-kai also decides to stay behind to learn cultivation and qilin dance from Yik-tseung. Man-shek unexpectedly runs into Man-kei. Tadily begin to argue as they just do not get along.