"Honky Kong" or "White Apes Can't Hump"

S1, E9: "Honky Kong" or "White Apes Can't Hump"

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S1 E9: If Calgon can't take Honey Bee away, a giant albino gorilla can! The grind of running the Whorephanage has finally taken its toll on Honey Bee. To cheer her up, Black Dynamite takes her to the circus where she finds a most unlikely admirer in the main attraction: a giant albino ape named Honky Kong! Inflamed, the beast kidnaps Bee and takes her to the top of Watts Towers, where neither the old-ass Tuskegee Airmen, nor Black Dynamite's trademark kung fu are enough to rescue her. Kong dives into the ocean and swims away with Bee!