S4, E6: Krakenskull

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Jorah Tightwad is digging up a large portion of his property near his castle to build a vault for his money. What the Tighty Knighties – who Jorah employed to dig this vault – find as they dig is a whole bunch of STONE WARRIOR STATUES. There’s even a statue of their leader, GENERAL KRAKENSKULL. Tightwad decides to sell them to Jestro and the Cloud of Monstrox, who, he’s heard, need an army. Jorah gets gold and the Cloud brings the Stone Warriors and Krakenskull to life! (They promptly steal back the money Jestro paid Jorah AND make off with all the other money in Tightwad’s vault!) Jestro and the Cloud use Krakenskull and his warriors to track down the Forbidden Power of CRACKING QUAKE. They then use this power to…attack the NEXO Knights! The Knights are almost overwhelmed until…Clay returns! He saves the NEXO Knights. During Clay’s attack, Ruina Stoneheart gives him Monstrox’s “charm” bracelet. It seems to make Clay even stronger (she’s tempting him to join their side.)