Man Eaters

S1, E1: Man Eaters

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S1 E1: In the Northern Territory of the Australian Outback, lies 2,000 miles of merciless terrain, known as the Top End. In this hunter vs. hunted frontier, the top of the food chain belongs to the saltwater crocodile. As the dry season begins, hungry crocs are on the move. Only a few brave men dare to battle the horde. "Crocodile Mick" Pitman has lived deep within the bush. His unique set of skills makes him one of the most sought after hunters. Aboriginal hunter Paul Henwood is known as the top tracker in the territory. When a local village is threatened by an aggressive croc, Paul will stop at nothing to catch it. When cattle start disappearing, father and son hunters Nigel and Alec Palmer are put to the test to capture the meat eating crocodile. Wildlife ranger, Tommy Nichols, is after a bold croc. His mission is to trap it before it kills or hurts anyone and Tommy knows first hand the crushing power of a croc s jaws. Tommy lost half of his hand to a crocodile.