Monsters of the Mind

S1, E3: Monsters of the Mind

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Siegfried, Roy, Rumplestiltskin and Manticore avoid being slaughtered by the beast Grendel, when King Midas' son, Prince Mallory makes a heroic entrance, doing what his father cannot, rid the countryside of Grendel. Meanwhile, our heroes deliver the magic water to King Midas, but before he can drink, he accidentally touches his daughter, turning her into a golden statue. Suddenly, Grendel bursts into the castle and makes off with her on his shoulder, hurling Siegfried and Roy aside like toy soldiers. Our heroes journey to the monster's lair to save the princess. However their dangerous quest into the center of the earth reveals much. It turns out Grendel is not the horrific beast that he appears. Instead, he is a gentle giant whose sustenance, the very gold in the earth, has been drained by the power of the golden touch Midas has been using above ground. Without the gold "food", his own mother lies dying. Grendel sadly admits he made a pact with Prince Mallory. If he pretended to attack the town and allow the Prince to drive him away, he would be paid secretly in gold... and thus his mother might be saved. Siegfried and Roy realize that Prince Mallory has been overtaken by the entity of Pride and is doing its bidding, as he tries to usurp his own father's throne. They use the waters of Pactolus to return Princess Estella to her human form, and promise Grendel the king will gladly give him all the gold he can carry, when they return her unharmed. However, once back at the castle our heroes are held captive by a now-evil Prince Mallory. In a masterful sting, Siegfried and Roy manage to exorcise the entity of pride from the Prince, only to find themselves blasted through a portal into the very realm of Endland by its powers. There, in the Titans realm, where no human has ever survived, they realize the evil Titan god Loki, has engineered the kidnapping of all the entities; Envy, Pride, Greed, and Power. He plans to use them all in a takeover of the god kingdom of Endland.