Neither Rain Nor Sleet

Without a Trace

S3, E14: Neither Rain Nor Sleet

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Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Rosie Diaz (Elizabeth Peña - "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," "La Bamba"), a postal employee. When her truck is found abandoned and emptied of the $12,000 worth of videogames Rosie was delivering, the team wonders whether she is a victim of foul play or a willing participant in the theft. Rosie is initially labeled as a normal, likeable person and devoted foster mother, but doubts arise when the investigators learn that her two foster children were removed from her care after an anonymous tip of abuse. Also, a child-pornography DVD was subsequently found in her home. Meanwhile, Vivian attempts to keep a personal matter a secret from her colleagues, and Martin tells Samantha that he wants to go public with their relationship. Timothy Busfield ("The West Wing") directed the episode.