Nickel and Dimed, Pt. 1

Without a Trace

S3, E6: Nickel and Dimed, Pt. 1

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The team searches for Colleen McGrath (recurring guest star Audrey Marie Anderson), a struggling, young, single mother who vanishes after leaving her 3-year-old son in his baby-sitter's care. The detectives create a profile of a loving mother who, despite working two jobs as a housecleaner and a retail-outlet clerk, has been barely able to afford her motel room or the baby-sitter. The team must determine if Colleen has simply run away from her troubles. However, further revelations about Colleen's nervous demeanor on the day of her disappearance, her suspicious windfall the week prior, allegations of illegal activities in her motel room and the disclosure that she had suddenly felt uneasy about cleaning for her current employer, lead the team to question how clean a life she's been living--and if she's been victimized.