Rookie Summer

S8, E1: Rookie Summer

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A flood of new recruits arrive at Baywatch to try out for rookie school, who include Hobie, Manny, and newcomers; Lani McKensie, a part-Hawaiian, part-Caucasian wanting to be a professional dancer, April Giminski, a naive, design major college student unfamiliar with swimming in the ocean, and Skylar Bergman, April's roommate who wants to become a paramedic. Newman is also assigned to teach the new recruits the ropes of the beach along with Donna and Jordan to assist. Manny becomes angry at Mitch after he fails an eye test due to a technicality and is disqualified from rookie school. After Samantha quits her position as Baywatch Captain, Mitch is offered her job and the promotion to Captain by Chief Johnson. But Mitch turns her down for he feels needed more at the beach than away from it. Meanwhile, Lani is followed by her insanely jealous ex-boyfriend, Darren, from Hawaii where Cody met her after breaking up with C.J. and who inspired Lani to try out for rookie school.
Starring Erin Gray, Ingrid Walters, Jonathon Crowe