Sue & Tim

S2, E6: Sue & Tim

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Having spent the last five years living in a caravan, Sue and Tim are setting out to prove they can build a low cost contemporary farmhouse without scrimping on aspiration. Their design is startlingly modern and even includes a living room which seemingly floats in mid air, but their strategy to build it is a rustic no-frills one. Piers Taylor and Kieran Long are concerned that the cheap materials they plan to use, could seriously compromise the success of the building. Kieran Long is perfectly placed to show Sue and Tim the latest in contemporary homes and shocks them with a stunning one in South London where the entire exterior is clad in black glass! The challenge then passes to Piers who must help them achieve the look for less, but will the combination of Sue’s forensic online bargain hunting and Piers’ ideas pull it off at a fraction of the cost? Piers also tackles them on their plans for interior where they appear to be making it up as they go along! Kieran demonstrates key lessons in how to successfully arrange an open plan area using tricks, ranging from simply where to put your sofa, to hidden doors. But as the build forges on a major structural problem emerges which threatens the future of the entire project – will they even be able to complete the home that they had such big dreams for?