Sue & Tim/Marcus & Sholto

S2, E7: Sue & Tim/Marcus & Sholto

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Ambitious builds, the tightest of budgets and a desperate need for fresh ideas united the projects that Kieran Long and Piers Taylor followed on ‘The House that £100K Built’. The self-builders created some remarkable houses, but they weren’t yet finished homes. Now, Piers is back to tackle a final set of challenges. With unexpected design dilemmas to solve, all on a shoestring budget, it’s now or never as they battle to complete their homes for good. Sue and Tim continue to push ahead with their hugely ambitious modernist home in Somerset, committed to showing what’s possible on a limited budget. All of their energies now are focused on what should be the stunning centerpiece that transforms their home - an entrance hall staircase - but they only have £2000 to do it. Piers uncovers an idea at one of Britain’s most stunning contemporary interiors, but in order to pull it off, Sue and Tim must follow a series of low-cost lessons to have a chance of achieving this high-end result with their low-end budget? In north-east Scotland, Marcus and Sholto have made some big design changes to their £100k home since we last visited, but also have a fresh problem to solve. The pair fell for the stunning rural landscape and their outstanding challenge now is to create outbuildings fit to stand alongside their glorious home. With inspiration taken from an extraordinary building on the banks of Loch Doine, Piers comes up with a design that incorporates seating and mirrored panels that could enhance any outdoor space, but can Marcus and Sholto pull it off?