The Gray Knight

S4, E2: The Gray Knight

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The Cloud of Monstrox and Jestro are able to unlock the forbidden Power Shocking Scare and unleash an attack on the village of Bravington. Knights in their new vehicles rush to the rescue and are able to defeat him with a new Combo Power. In the heat of the battle, the Cloud of Monstrox sees the stone statue of Clay and zaps him to life! Clay is now turned, and is fighting against his friends. It is impossible for them to defeat him without destroying him for good. The Cloud urges Clay on. He attacks the Fortrex in order to get to Merlok. Robin in his Black Knight Mech is trying to stop him, but to no avail. Merlok 2.0 is left undefended. At the very last moment Merlok 2.0 unleashes a blasting spell that sends Clay far far away.