The Rose and Thorn

S2, E6: The Rose and Thorn

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Even though Alfred has raised the funds for his passage to America, Thomas Wayne offers him a lucrative job anyway – to extract the undercover Lucius Fox from Raven headquarters without compromising his CIA identity. When Alfred refuses, Thomas meets with Martha and Prime Minister Aziz and asks them to apply pressure on his behalf. In return, Thomas helps with a plan that pits Aleister Crowley against Aziz’s political rival, John Ripper. At the behest of the Prime Minister and the Queen, Alfred agrees to take the job, alongside Daveboy and Martha Kane – especially when Aziz threatens to reveal Alfred’s dangerous relationship with Melanie Troy. Meanwhile, Colonel Salt worms his way further into Lord Harwood’s paranoid mind, bringing Project Stormcloud one step closer to being unleashed. And lastly, Martha finds herself distraught by an unexpected change in her life.